Within space is included for advertising via a banner. Depending on the type, your advertising message will be shown with a high frequency.


The banner standard is displayed in a rotating manner throughout the entire site. This gives you all the certainty that your ad is being seen, regardless of the surfing behavior of the visitor. The banner comes with a counter so that you can see how often the banner has been shown and how often it has been clicked. The banner standard is shown at least 10,000 times a month. It has a maximum size of 468 x 60 pixels.

Banner standard 468 x 60

Banner-Frontpage 'Platinum'.

The banner frontpage 'platinum' has a (non-shared) fixed position at the top of the website so your banner will be visable 24/7

Banner Platinum


Because our banners are controlled fully automatically, it is possible to configure them completely according to your wishes. For example, with a 'banner part-time' the display every month is changed from 'pause' to 'current', but you can have this configured at your own discretion. You can also divide a 'full-fledged banner' by having two or more different banners and rotating them together.

Banner planning

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