Within space is included for advertising via a banner. Depending on the type, your advertising message will be shown with a high frequency.


The banner standard is displayed in a rotating manner throughout the entire site. This gives you all the certainty that your ad is being seen, regardless of the surfing behavior of the visitor. The banner comes with a counter so that you can see how often the banner has been shown and how often it has been clicked. The banner standard is shown at least 10,000 times a week. It has a maximum size of 468 x 60 pixels.

Banner standard 468 x 60


Banner frontpageThe banner frontpage has a different size (145x172) as the standard banner and is shown on the front page of ShipData. With 2 available places and a maximum of 2 advertisers per place you have the greatest possible return on your advertisement and it is never overlooked. For all banners applies that these moving images may contain.


Because our banners are controlled fully automatically, it is possible to configure them completely according to your wishes. For example, with a 'banner part-time' the display every month is changed from 'pause' to 'current', but you can have this configured at your own discretion. You can also divide a 'full-fledged banner' by having two or more different banners and rotating them together.

Banner planning

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